Change is Beautiful

Fall is undoubtedly my all-time favorite season. There is something so tranquil about feeling my favorite flannel brush against the cool breeze. The sight of beautiful vibrant leaves falling upon the jack-o-lantern on my doorstep brings color to my world. The scent of freshly baked cookies being carried throughout the house warms me as I watch classic horror movie reruns on the TV. But for a multitude of reasons, autumn this year resonates with me on a deeper, more existential level. It is the season of change, both externally and internally. As we come to adjust our surroundings and habits to correlate with our altering environment, we may begin to reflect inward.

"Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go." text graphic

Self-reflection has been the most useful skill I have acquired thus far. It has allowed me to identify the physical and not-so-obvious aspects of my life that I want to improve. I have found that permitting myself to be vulnerable and brutally honest about my character traits and lifestyle patterns is essential. This candid reflection has granted me a clearer vision of what elements were truly making me happy, and those I may have been settling with.  I knew it was time to make a personal change when I was accepting behaviors and routines that were making me unhappy. My way of life and acquired daily routine were no longer serving my well-being, nor were they meeting the standards I had set for myself. I knew it was time to make a change when the thought of staying still simply due to comfortability was more nerve-wracking than taking a leap and changing my lifestyle in the ways I always dreamt of.

Change can serve as a demonstration of one’s dedication to becoming their best self. I not only think change is necessary, but it can also be deeply gratifying. I appreciate the process of altering my habits, thought patterns, responses to certain situations, and overall way of being as I know it will result in a more positive quality of life. Don’t get me wrong – change is not always easy. It can be unsettling, confusing, and disorderly. Change is messy, and requires patience and resilience. But it certainly is not impossible. Much like the fallen vibrant leaves as we transition throughout seasons, we must keep in mind that growth and healing are­ just a season away.

Becoming the person, you want to be begin with taking a step back and analyzing your daily patterns. “How do you speak to yourself? How do you allow others to treat you? What are you doing to recognize your self-worth? What action steps are you consciously taking to develop your skills? Change does not occur overnight, nor should you want it to. The unpretty process transforms into beautiful lessons, confidence in oneself, and gratitude for life. Not only does taking your time with such an important process lead to more fulfilling results, but it also presents you with patience and an unknown appreciation that cannot be acquired any other way.

It is the season of change – and we should take advantage of the possibilities that are in store! Take this season as an opportunity to accomplish something you have always had your heart set on. You are capable of obtaining the life you cannot stop thinking about!

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