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Summer is over and the kids are all back at school. It is easy to get overwhelmed and anxious while trying to manage the school routines and dealing with the daily challenges of MS. It is best to be organized so that you have time to recover when symptoms worsen and take a toll on you during school days. Here are some ideas to make your life easier if you have school-going children:

  • Set a routine: All the habits go haywire once the summer break starts. Adjust the bedtime routines at least a week before school starts. This will help the kids to get their body clocks adjusted and make the mornings much more accessible. Discourage screen time right before bed as it may affect sleep patterns.
  • Schedule physicals: Get all the annual physicals and immunizations done and updated for school records. Schools often require all medical paperwork and waivers to be completed before joining any sport in the new year.
  • School supplies: Kids require a ton of supplies each year so make sure to visit the store early in the summer before the stocks start running low and the aisles get more crowded. Do not forget to use coupons, cashback, and promotional codes when possible.
  • Meal prepping: It is wise to plan meals ahead of time. Create lunch menus with the kids ensuring that they get to eat a variety of nutritious and balanced meals. Buy precut fruits and vegetables as it saves both time and energy. Use gadgets like instant pots and slow cookers. It is a good idea to make meals in big batches, divide the portions, and freeze for later.
  • Dairy: Maintain a dairy that you can use to keep track of school events and other extracurricular activities. There are also apps that you can download on your smartphone that will serve the same purpose.

Following these helpful ideas will help the whole family to ease the transition from summer break to school.  As a parent with MS, you will be able to establish a sense of order in your family and have time to take care of your health as well.

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