It’s Not All Glitter

Bubble baths, massages, shopping. These are just a few things that initially come to mind when I think of self-care. Self-care is often glamorized, focusing on the external material aspects that constitute treating oneself. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of all of these aspects, and I love a good shopping spree every now and then. But these aspects are just on the surface of what it really means to care for yourself.

Self-care isn’t always as luxurious as it sounds or looks on movie screens. Taking care of oneself requires dedication and discipline. I’ve found that self-care is uncovering the ugliest parts of yourself. Really getting to the root of who you are as a person, how you react to specific situations, and how you grow as an individual are just a few life-changing processes that I truly consider caring for yourself. But where does this process even begin? Visualizing the person you want to be and showing up as them every day, regardless of your current circumstances, is just one method. Much like the classic saying, “Fake it till you make it,” you are only as good as your mindset. By acting as if you are already where you want to be in life, the rest will surely catch up in due time.

The biggest change I’ve implemented that has helped me in the process of getting to know myself more was attending therapy. Having therapized sessions where I was safe and welcomed to speak my mind and dig deep into my mindset, allowed me to see my faults and my strengths and move forward in a new light.

Taking action steps and creating expectations for yourself can redirect your course in a major way. As someone who thinks they can take on a million things at once, one method I try to implement to create balance is creating a schedule and to-do list for my everyday life. This has gotten me into the practice of completing necessary tasks meeting deadlines promptly, and visualizing what my day ahead will look like, which has allowed me to create boundaries and say “no” when my plate has gotten full.

Self-care can be executed in a number of ways, many of which are not as obvious as others. Self-care can be creating a budget and sticking to it. Self-care can be waking up earlier to move your body. Self-care comes in an abundance of ways at any time of the day. The bottom line that I’ve come to realize is: that truly taking care of yourself as a person means remaining true to yourself. It means having the most amount of respect for yourself. It means being diligent in getting what you want, despite how hard the path may look to get there. It’s not an easy process, but it is not impossible. And the outcome can be even more beautiful than you can ever imagine. Just don’t forget to rest and implement those external aspects of self-care every now and then as well!

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