Making the Most Is Not Doing the Most

The holidays can be a busy and stressful time for most of us. The list includes holiday parties, hosting guests, shopping, gift wrapping, traveling, and cooking. Especially when you have young children, you’re expected to deliver the magic of Christmas with every chance you get. Through my journey living with MS, since I was a young adult, I have learned that doing the most during the holidays is not making the most of the holidays. I have since limited my holiday commitments and traveling to a minimum. This does not mean that I don’t enjoy and love the season; instead, it means I make it manageable, which makes it all the more enjoyable for me.  

Here are a couple of things I have instated for my family during this hectic time that allows us to slow down and indulge in the magic of the season without stress or worry: 

  1. We send out a text or email to our family who are expecting to see us during the holidays letting them know when we are available, and what our plans are for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This eliminates the expectation that we will be traveling during those days, which ultimately alleviates stress for everyone.   
  1. We do things where the logistics are extremely thought out. I have my husband to thank for this, as he is our logistics expert, or “Operations Manager” as I jokingly call him. 😊 We make sure parking is close by and easy to get to, among other things. 
  1. We do things spaced out throughout December, so we don’t feel pressured or rushed to fit it all in at once at the end of the month. This relieves our stress and lets us slow down. 
  1. We do at-home date nights. We have a little one, which makes it hard to get out and enjoy those fun holiday nights. We embrace this stage of life. We get our daughter to sleep, make a meal together, watch our favorite holiday movies, have hot cocoa, and play a game.  
  1. We share the responsibility of the season. My Husband will take our daughter for the day, so I can shop, or wrap presents, so I don’t need to worry about bringing a toddler with me (anyone with a toddler knows this is an instant stress reliever, ha!) 
  1. We truly enjoy our time together.  

I will leave you with this little bit of information that I like to live by. “Glimmers” are a time in your day that really sticks out to you. A short piece of time that will live in your memory forever. I try to gather these “glimmers” as much as I possibly can during the season. Whether it’s seeing the awe in our daughter’s face when she sees Santa, or simply the way our home smells when fresh cookies are being baked. You don’t have to over-exude yourself to make the most of this season. Please put yourself and your health first.  

I wish you all a very Happy Holiday and one that is filled with loads of “glimmers!” 🌟 

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