Being Self-Aware

I don’t think many people take time for themselves nowadays. I think our society has this rushed, always do, on the go mentality that skews our perception of what is important and what should take priority. For many it’s a natural and human characteristic to want to be a people-pleaser and do for others much of the time. But I think our sense of self gets lost in this and shoved to the side too often. Self-awareness takes a degree of self-interest and dedication that many feel is a luxury they cannot afford to take. But it’s so worth it.

Self-awareness is about focusing on you – your likes, dislikes, motivation, desires, and behaviors. It’s about knowing your emotions, reactions and thoughts and how this helps you perceive others. You may already know much about yourself and what drives you. However, we don’t always consider our own feelings and needs because we’re constantly putting others first.

What brings you joy? How often do you engage in something that’s just for you? Do you know what you like or don’t like? Why do you engage in certain behaviors? It might seem silly but asking questions to get to know yourself can help increase self-awareness. This process can allow you to build on strengths or improve areas for change.

Parts that make up our overall wellness and well-being include emotions and intellect. When we make time for awareness and learning about ourselves we positively contribute to this and in turn become the best self we can be. No one is perfect, and nothing is absolute. But self-awareness helps to forge a path for openness and honesty that allows acceptance and gratitude for one’s self and others.

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