What Is Your Ideal Climate?

No 2 people are affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) in exactly the same way, especially when it comes to the environment. Different climates can trigger symptoms in different people.

To find out more about the environments preferred by the community, we reached out on the MultipleSclerosis.net Facebook page. We asked, “What is your ideal climate?”

More than 300 people responded! Here is what they shared about the climates that treat their bodies the best.

Heat is the most preferred climate

The number 1 response was that people in the MS community prefer hot climates. Many people shared that they feel best in the heat because cold climates make their bodies painful and achy.

“I know heat is bad for MS, but I love heat and hate being cold. My joints ache in the cold! I will take the MS fatigue from the heat over the achy joints from the cold any day!”

“I love the summer heat! Cold is bad for me!”

“I initially could not handle cold weather. The cold makes it super difficult to move around. I spent a week in Puerto Rico and felt the best I had ever felt.”

But not too hot

The next most common response is that people like a moderate heat. Granted, moderate is a personal preference, ranging from 55 degrees F to the mid 80s. But many people expressed that they are most comfortable avoiding any extreme temperatures and weather.

“I like sunny weather and temperatures in the 70s to 80s with low humidity.”

“I would love 60s to low 70s F all the time.”

“I find that ​​55 is the perfect temperature.”

“For me, 68–70 is perfect.”

Dry is good

For many others living with MS, the biggest consideration is humidity. Many people find humidity insufferable. They prefer dry climates instead, regardless of what the thermometer says.

“Dry, definitely! Humidity is a killer for me.”

“The heat and humidity hurt. Colder weather is usually better.”

The desert is best for some

A lot of people with MS responded that they love the heat but also need a climate with low humidity. For them, the desert offers the most agreeable environment.

“Dry, as in Reno, NV, where I live. Yes, it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but it is bearable and has low humidity.”

“My husband who has MS wants to move to Arizona because it is dry.”

“I live in the desert. There is no humidity ever.”

“Dry and hot. That is why I moved to the desert! Humidity makes my spasticity go crazy and cold makes my bones ache.”

Some prefer cold and dry

Not everyone likes it hot or moderate or just plain dry. A few members of the community shared that they like cold temperatures. Some said that colder is better because heat aggravates their symptoms.

“Dry and polar! Heat is my nemesis and the cold is my friend! Unfortunately, we live where we get hot, humid summers and lots of rain in the fall and winter. Both make me feel awful, so I stay indoors as much as possible! I would move to anywhere that is cold.”

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  • Paul says:

    Give me the cold! I have a massive heat intolerance, it makes all my symptoms much much worse.

  • Zoraya Becerra says:

    I really would like to comment regarding the heat and cold for a MS. I prefer the cold over the heat. I have had many hospitalization because I have a lot of seizures because of the heat. I’ve prefer the cold 100% over heat although I like the beach and summer I cannot be in the heat I think I have seizures I cannot be in the heat at all I get in my car. I have to put full blown air conditioning below 60 for me. The heat can kill me.

  • Elizabeth Schneider says:

    From what I see in my Multiple Sclerosis groups online
    COLD is the preferred climate NOT heat!! .. heat makes me sick can’t breathe lose most of my cognitive functions!! Feels like I’m dying!..
    Give me a cold icy Blizzard ANYDAY!!

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