March 2015 Artist of the Month: Celebrating the Work of Artists Affected by Multiple Sclerosis

All-New Artists for MSAA’s 2015 Art Showcase

MSAA Art Showcase 2015

As part of MS Awareness Month, MSAA is very proud to present our 2015 Art Showcase – celebrating the work of artists affected by MS.

We have received many wonderful submissions from across the country and are delighted to share their work and their stories with you. Please visit our online gallery to view all of the new submissions.

As in the past, we will highlight an Artist of the Month throughout the year and share their artwork and their story.

Presenting MSAA’s Artist of the Month for March

We are very excited to present the inaugural Artist of the Month for the 2015 Art Showcase…

March Artist of the Month:
Lisa Yeager – Thousand Oaks, CA

 Lisa Yeager - One Touch

About the Artist:
“In 1990, I was an art director, part-time college student, and more, when I encountered blurred vision and fatigue. I assumed it was due to my busy lifestyle. Three years later, the symptoms returned. Days before my wedding, I had my first MRI. This was the  wedding present that I wanted to return. Through tears, I replied that MS had picked the wrong girl!

Today, my family and I enjoy sailing, music, and traveling. I have taken martial arts and improv comedy plus saxophone lessons. I volunteer and visit others with MS. I live each day quoting another … ‘I may have MS but MS doesn’t have me.'”
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Be inspired – please send an online card featuring artwork by MS artist Lisa Yeager and spread awareness of MS and MSAA.

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