Springing My Way Along

Spring has sprung, and it is a gentle reminder of how beautiful the passing of seasons can be. As the flowers blossom and tiny sprouts break through the brown barks, it’s time to venture out of my cocoon which has been my shelter for the past few winter months. It is the season to explore the beauty that nature has at its best.

This season, I am going to take a step forward and be grateful for all the good things that life has to offer. There is nothing like the sweet scent of fresh green grass right in the wee hours of morning. I plan to bask in the sunlight and make the most of it. I am going to lean back on my patio chair, sip some lemonade, and dive into a book. I am going to enjoy a meal outdoors while I hear the birds sing and watch the squirrels chasing each other. Maybe I will go for a walk outside and feel the pleasant breeze against me. While I sow tiny little saplings in my yard, I shall wait patiently to reap the harvest a few months later. Perhaps I will get a telescope this year and gaze at the marvels of the night.

For the meantime, I got a spring in my step and I look forward to a season of renewed hope and new beginnings.

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