Springing My Way Along

Spring has sprung, and it is a gentle reminder of how beautiful the passing of seasons can be. As the flowers blossom and tiny sprouts break through the brown barks, it’s time to venture out of my cocoon which has been my shelter for the past few winter months. It is the season to explore the beauty that nature has at its best.

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“Spring” into Action!

It’s time to wake up from winter hibernation! If you’re anything like me in the cold months, you like to curl up in a blanket with hot drinks (coffee please!), watch movies, and take it easy. But now that warmer and sunnier days are here, it’s time to ditch our cocoon and “spring” into action! Transitioning from winter to spring has a positive effect mentally, physically, and emotionally. The warmer spring weather allows us to get back outside into nature. Our skin uses the sunlight to produce more vitamin D which has vital functions for good health and mental well-being. Here are a few enjoyable ways to enjoy the spring season and get outside:

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Getting Back to Nature

Did you know that across our country there are amazing State Parks you can visit and enjoy?  What a great way to explore new parts of the country or even a local state park in your own back yard.

NPS-Centennial-ImageNow that summer is here, hopefully you have a little extra free time.  A great way to use that free time is to get out and enjoy nature.  Whether sitting in your backyard or going to a local park, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature can be very relaxing and  therapeutic.

State Parks are also a great place to become one with nature.  While they might be a little further away, they are well worth the trip.

The state park entrance pass system works differently in each state. Many states offer some sort of pass that allows for unlimited entry at most state parks, while others offer park passes on a park-by-park basis. A few states do not charge entry fees to their state parks at all if you are a resident of that state.  Most states even offer a Disability Discount Pass for people who have documented disabilities.   All fifty states are listed below, with a link to their official state park website and information on their state park entrance pass program. Find your state, order an entrance pass, and enjoy unlimited access to the natural beauty your state has to offer!


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Hello there, Earth!

Today individuals around the world will celebrate Earth Day, an annual event known to promote environmental awareness and energy conservation. Sometimes it’s easy to take advantage of our planet and all the wonderfulness it has to offer. This is to no fault of our own—life gets busy and chaotic, and our day to day routines get in the way of appreciating the world around us. But if we consciously make the decision to stop just for a moment to take a look around at the beauty of the Earth, it will no doubt create a moment where being present and mindful of our surroundings will ignite this newfound appreciation and gratitude for the world in which we live. And there are some things we can do every day to try and preserve the splendor of the planet and its nature.


  • Recycle, recycle, and recycle!
  • Conserve energy by turning off lights and running water when not in use
  • Opt for using another mode of transportation instead of driving if able
  • Plant or garden to bring more life to the Earth
  • Raise awareness in your community for environmental protection causes


So this Earth Day, take a moment to join a movement, a cause, a venture to help care for our planet and all its beauty and glory. Our Earth is precious and allows us to do so much; shouldn’t we help take care of it in return?


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March’s MS Artist of the Month

MSAA is very proud to present our 2013 Art Showcase – celebrating the work of artists affected by MS.

We have received many wonderful submissions from across the country and are delighted to share their work and their stories with you. Please visit our online gallery to view all of the new submissions.

March Artist of the Month:
Susan Bloom – Plainwell, MI

painting by Susan Bloom - Lion of the Tribe of Judah“In 1996, I was completing my bachelor’s degree and in a high stress job when I received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. At the time, I felt a great despair thinking life as I knew it was over. After coming to terms with my MS, which included going on disability from my job and discontinuing school, I knew I needed a change in my life…”
Read more about Susan Bloom’s story with MS and art

Be inspired – please send an online card featuring artwork by MS artist Susan Bloom and spread awareness of MS and MSAA.

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