Keep Cool This Summer

It’s that time again, summertime that is. In just a few days, it will officially be Summer, and the heat has already been pretty brutal for many. Any amount of heat, no matter how minor, might affect neurological functions enough to exacerbate symptoms. Keeping cool can help you maintain a consistent, cool body temperature and prevent flare-ups. To help keep you cool this summer, MSAA’s Cooling Program is here to help!

MSAA offers free cooling products such as a cooling vest, wrist wraps, ankle wraps, and neck wraps! These free cooling products are great ways to keep cool this summer for free. Yes, you read that right, I said free! MSAA’s Cooling Program is an excellent resource that “offers cooling vests and accessories for adults with multiple sclerosis as well as children diagnosed with pediatric MS.” MSAA’s Cooling Program is open 365 days of the year, which means you can apply at any time throughout the year. This is a great way to beat the heat sensitivity that often comes with MS without having to break the bank. Here is a link for more information on how to apply for your free cooling products through MSAA’s Cooling Program,

If you find that you do not meet the eligibility guidelines for MSAA’s Cooling Program and would like to purchase your cooling products, you can always reach out to the manufactures listed below. If you call and mention MSAA, you could be eligible to receive a discount on your purchase.

Keeping cool this summer is a must, especially when managing Multiple Sclerosis. I encourage you to take advantage of MSAA’s Cooling Program to help keep your body cool and refreshed.

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The War on Summer Heat

By Lauren Kovacs

It is a war of bugs and blankets of heat.

Limit time outdoors folks. Being unsocial is part of MS for many. I would rather not be a wet noodle. Even if you are an extrovert, say “no” to the soggy social butterfly. I would rather be perky than soggy. Butterflies can’t fly with wet wings and MS can drench them. Be social inside. Air conditioning is our friend. Stay cool and they will come, so to speak.

Drink slushees and smoothies. I find sipping semi frozen drinks help me, if I can get through the brain freeze. When available, ice cream is my BFF. Ice being the main word for me. Wear ice and consume it.

Cool feet housed in sandals, a cold drink, air conditioning and various cooling items are my shields in the war on summer heat.

I also picked up a trick from my aunt years ago for fashion purposes. Now, I use it for MS. Swim trunks make great shorts, with the mesh cut out. They can get wet, thus a glorious moment of reprieve. Bonus, they dry fast and allow for multiple cooling opportunities.

I used cooling wrist wraps, when I rode horses for therapy. I need new ones, however. Their farm smell was offensive at my last theme park visit.

While the kids rode some puke inducing roller coaster, I waited in the shade. Many folks didn’t embrace the earthy smell my wrist wraps were omitting. So yeah I need new ones.

Cool is cool. We are not going to gain brownie points. I often pay for trying to be outside. Stay where it is cool. I personally have days of paybacks just for letting my butterfly be social. If I get hot, then paybacks are longer.

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Leslie Pino Durant – June 2021 Artist of the Month

Each year, we feature the work of artists affected by multiple sclerosis in our annual MSAA Art Showcase. We receive many wonderful submissions from across the country and are delighted to share the work of these artists and their inspirational stories with you, including highlighting one artist each month as our Artist of the Month. This month, we are proud to feature artist Leslie Pino Durant of Jemez Springs, NM:

Leslie Pino Durant Artist of the Month artwork entitled "Moose in Colorful Forest"
“Moose in Colorful Forest”

About the Artist – Leslie Pino Durant

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