How Visual Patterns Affect People With Multiple Sclerosis

It may come as a surprise to many people that multiple sclerosis (MS) affects eyesight. But those living with MS know it can compromise parts of their vision, including depth perception.

MS affects the muscles in the body, sometimes including the muscles around the eyes. Having eye muscles that are weak or damaged can lead to complications like dizziness or vertigo. Like MS itself, these visual problems get worse with fatigue and stress.1

Illustration of woman with MS dizziness and vertigo covering face with hands and illustrative circles around her head

To find out more about the issues the MS community faces, we reached out on the Facebook page. We asked, “Does patterned flooring or wallpaper ever make you feel unstable or put you into a feeling of vertigo?”

More than 200 people responded. Here is what they shared.

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Grilled Watermelon

Watermelon wedges are fun to grill. Who knew!!! 

A refreshing, yummy summer dessert, this recipe can be made ahead of time and stored in your refrigerator. You can also eat it immediately. Seedless watermelons work best. Feel free to cut wedges into any size you like. 1” wedges seem to be just right.


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Summoning Summer

By Stacie Prada

Well into July this year, summer weather hasn’t arrived where I live yet. Days are cool and pleasant, but intermittent rain and cloudy days persist.

A few days ago, I ordered an iced coffee for the first time this year. With my first sip, I had a strong sense of summer. It was an involuntary and automatic response where my exhale was one of complete satisfaction. It made it clear to me how much seasons are about more than the weather. I’d been waiting for summer to start, and I realized I can enjoy summer without waiting for the weather to change.

Summoning Summer written on a yellow post-it talking about summer weather
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Lazy Days of Summer

Ahh… summertime! The lazy days of summer are here, and the season of relaxation is in full effect! It’s important to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take a moment for yourself. Lay in the grass, lounge on the beach, walk through the gentle waves, read a book or lounge by the pool. Now is the time to focus less on work and redirect your time to the things you enjoy.

Summer not only brings an abundance of fun activities, but tasty foods as well… hot dogs and hamburgers please!  Grilling some yummy food surrounded by friends and family is the picture-perfect way to spend a warm summer evening.  Ending the meal with an indulgent dessert never hurts either… did someone say ice cream? It’s no secret that ice cream is a summer staple. My personal favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough on a waffle cone.

Here are a few activities to soak up the summer season!

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Cool as a cucumber, literally.

Cool tips using the word "Summer" spelled out in Scrabble tiles

Summer has arrived. Whether it means time at the pool, the beach, or more time at home to spend with your loved ones, summer is known for fun activities and sunburn. However, summer is not always fun and games. Staying hydrated and cool can be a difficult task, especially for those affected by MS. Here are some tips to stay cool this summer and beat the heat:

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All About the “h”

By Doug Ankerman

There are two sides to every issue. You have the pros & the cons, the agree & disagree and the ever-popular for & against.

Summer is one of those issues that is widely split. Some love it while others can’t stand the thought. As I will explain, the big difference between the two sides is all about the “h.”

Picture of a blue Etch A Sketch saying Ah Summer and Ahhhh Summer drawn by guest blogger Doug Ankerman

“Ah Summer!” people. They thrive during this season. Basking in the warmth. Soaking up the sun in all vitamin D glory. Energy & vitality all day long.

Meanwhile, “Ahhhh Summer!” people do their best to avoid the season’s amenities. Lurking in the shadows away from direct sun. Never straying far from AC or a powerful fan.

Unfortunately, those of us with multiple sclerosis tend to be in the “Ahhhh Summer!” group. The harsh sun drains our energy like a V-8 engine uses gas driving up a mountain. Plus, summer’s high temps and thick humidity soak us further into a wretched pile of human goo. But no need to suffer my friend as there are ways to make your summer pleasant & comfortable.  Here are a few of my favs…

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The Trying Game

By Lauren Kovacs

Well, summer has exploded like a bad firework. The dreaded heat has washed us ashore and left us feeling wrung out. Exhaustion is our needy, constant companion on the beach, while the ship parties.

I am right there with ya. Feeling left out seems to engulf my summers. That ship stranded me on the desert island called MS. Even in my chair, wet noodle syndrome hangs around.

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A memorable summer

Summer is officially on. One of the places that I try to visit every summer is the beach. There is nothing more peaceful than the rhythmic rush of the waves, the warmth of the sun, the cry of the sea gulls, the gentle breeze and the sand beneath your feet.

One of my favorite ones is the Ocean City Beaches in Maryland. Kids can be seen building sandcastles, collecting seashells, burying friends in the sand or splashing in the waves. While some folks may be lounging in the sun or picnicking, others might be surfing or having a beach volleyball game. This beach is well known for its old-fashioned boardwalk that have trams to transport you back and forth across the entire span.  Besides enjoying the super convenient ride, one can hop out to visit the shops and grab lip smacking food at any restaurant along the way. For those who want to enjoy the full experience of the boardwalk or the beach, wheelchairs are a feasible option. Installation of ramps near the boardwalk, beach mats, handicap accessible public restrooms and paratransit services are some measures that are available to enhance the beach experience for individuals with limited mobility. I remember eating a scoop of ice cream as I marveled at the wondrous sand sculptures near the boardwalk. For those seeking an extra thrill and adventure, there is also an amusement park nearby with exciting and what I consider nerve-wracking rides.

It was a day filled with relaxation, fun and excitement. I watched the sun setting on the horizon as I strolled along the boardwalk for the last time with a content smile on my face. Until next time…

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Jeffrey McKeever – July 2022 Artist of the Month

Each year, we feature the work of artists affected by multiple sclerosis in our annual MSAA Art Showcase. We receive many wonderful submissions from across the country and are delighted to share the work of these artists and their inspirational stories with you, including highlighting one artist each month as our Artist of the Month. This month, we are proud to feature artist Jeffrey McKeever of Phillipsburg, NJ:

Jeffrey McKeever artwork entitled Love on the Savannah featuring two giraffes in the wild
“Love on the Savannah”

About the Artist – Jeffrey McKeever

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