Thriving with MS

Living with MS can be an ordeal of its own considering the unpredictability and uncertainty that comes with having it. MS can affect mobility, independence as well as quality of life. Symptoms may greatly vary from individual to individual. Over time, it might get harder to perform regular activities. By getting diagnosed during the earlier stages of the disease and with the appropriate treatments, an individual can live a healthy and fulfilling life.

For some individuals, the symptoms may be profound while for others it might be manifest as an invisible illness as result of which people close to you may fail to understand and acknowledge the seriousness of the situation. MS can make one feel isolated and alone. Individuals with MS want to be heard and would benefit from having a close-knit support system to vent out frustrations and anxieties whether it be friends or family.

For those who have MS, ask for help when you need it. Embrace your body’s limitations. Share your experiences and stories. Empower yourself and others by being an advocate for MS. Raise awareness of the disease and make use of the multitude of resources out there to improve the lives of those with MS. Set aside time to do things that you love and make the best out of your MS.

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