Resources for Keeping Cool in the Summer

June 20th marks the first day of summer, however, the heat didn’t seem to wait for summer to officially start this year. Once May came, the heat wasted no time in making its big debut. June is here now, and we have already seen temperatures over 90 degrees. Woah! Adding MS to that equation can make for an unbearable summer for those experiencing heat sensitivity. I’d love to offer you a few resources that can help keep you cool this summer while living with MS.

Resources for Keeping Cool in the Summer

Air Conditioning

Did you know that you might qualify for assistance with your energy bill? The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a program that “helps keep families safe and healthy through initiatives that assist families with energy costs.” That means you could get financial assistance with your energy bill, which can help keep your home feeling cooler than an ice cube. Here is a link to help you locate your local LIHEAP office,

Another great source of financial assistance is an organization called Modest Needs, whose “aim is to support those who don’t generally qualify to receive assistance from conventional agencies so that they don’t find themselves losing everything because of a short-term crisis.” If you are in need of assistance for your energy bill or other types of financial assistance, Modest Needs is a great resource to look into. Here is a link to more information on how to apply for a Modest Needs grant,

Cooling Products

Cooling products such as a cooling vest, wrist wraps, ankle wraps, and neck wraps are great ways to keep cool. Did you know that you might be eligible to receive free cooling products? That’s right! I said FREE COOLING PRODUCTS. MSAA has a great cooling program that “offers cooling vests and accessories for adults with multiple sclerosis as well as children diagnosed with pediatric MS.” MSAA’s cooling program is open 365 days in the year, which means you can apply at any time. This is a great way to beat the heat sensitivity that often accompanies MS without having to spend a dime. Here is a link for more information on how to apply for your free cooling products,

If you find that you do not meet the eligibility guidelines for MSAA’s Cooling Program and would like to purchase cooling products, you can always reach out to the manufactures listed below. If you call and mention MSAA, you could be eligible to receive a discount on your purchase.

Staying cool is an important part of managing your MS. Taking advantage of these resources is a great way to get help keep cool, and kick heat to the curb.

Now THAT is “cool!”

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  • Michael Hoffman says:

    This is great. I’ll add one..freeze water bottles. Roll them on your feet before and after exercise or going out in the heat. I have no idea why it just does!!!

    • Selena Fisher says:

      Hi Michael, thank you for reaching out to MSAA and sharing your helpful cooling tips. I am positive that your innovative suggestion will also help future readers. Thank you again for your comment, and take care.
      Selena, MSAA Client Services Specialist

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