Blooming Season

By: Diana Cruz

It is officially spring which means warm weather steadily approaching, flowers blossoming, and new outdoor activities. Although the blooming season presents many physically beautiful attributes, it introduces us to several internally mesmerizing properties as well.  Spring represents a number of rebirths and reawakenings – be they physical, emotional, or spiritual.  This time of year yields the perfect opportunity to restart and refresh your mind, soul, and body through the cleansing of old habits, mindsets, or practices and the addition of new, nurturing ones.

Implementing and sticking to new habits and daily routines is no easy task. The overwhelming process of determining where to start, what specific steps need to be taken, and holding yourself accountable are all daunting factors that I know too well. Some tips and tricks I like to put into practice when kick-starting a new habit or goal are:  

  • Set specific goals and be clear about what you want. As a very visual learner, I find writing things down in the form of a list (I have many lists on my phone) or compiling a visual representation of your goals makes the process of understanding and going after them a whole lot easier. Making a vision board is just one example of visualizing your goals. There are tons of fun ideas out there – make your process fun and rewarding!
  • Visualize the version you want to be and show up as them every day. Sometimes you just have to fake it ‘til you make it. Continuously reminding yourself to speak your goals into existence as if you have already accomplished them, will make obtaining that specific thing that much easier. Manifestation can be a powerful tool – so be intentional with your words!
  • It is absolutely normal not to feel motivated every day, but your determination must always be present. Being tired is expected and losing momentum every once in a while is part of the process. However, your ability to push through even the toughest emotions will pay off in unspeakable ways. When the tough days come, remember to take a look at that list or vision board you made.
  • Don’t completely neglect what makes you happy. Implementing new habits to accomplish a specific goal does not mean that you should entirely neglect the small things that bring you joy. Whether you are trying to stick to a new diet or fitness regime, creating a new sleeping schedule, or building your own business – remember that days off and treats are necessary. Everything can and should be enjoyed in a healthy amount!

As someone who has undergone a tremendous amount of change over the past four seasons and is attempting to set new goals herself, I am reminding myself of these tips and tricks every day. Creating your desired routine, habits, and lifestyle is not an easy process, but it is one that generates a reward that lasts more than just a season. Allow your dreams to bloom into whom you want to be.

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