Meet the Board

MSAA strives to be a leading resource for the MS community by improving lives today through vital services and support – and we could not accomplish this without the help of our volunteer board members.  MSAA’s Board of Directors is comprised of accomplished professionals from across the country who volunteer their time to further MSAA’s mission.  With our new series, Meet the Board, we hope to introduce you to our wonderful volunteer board members!

MSAA is proud to highlight two volunteer board members this month – Jennifer L. Schwartz, Esq. and Barry Singer, MD!

Jennifer L. Schwartz
Chair of the Programs and Services Board Committee

Professional Background: Jennifer L. Schwartz, Esq. of Philadelphia is the Vice President of Legal Affairs & General Counsel for Lourdes Health System (LHS) and St. Francis Medical Center (SFMC). She was initially hired by LHS as its first in-house attorney, and after just three years as the Assistant Vice President, Legal Affairs, was elevated to LHS’ chief legal officer as a direct result of her foresight, strategy initiatives and legal expertise.

Barry Singer
Executive Committee Member, Chair of the Development Committee, and member of MSAA’s Healthcare Advisory Council

Professional Background: Barry Singer, MD of St. Louis is an expert MS neurologist and has been the Director of The MS Center for Innovations in Care at Missouri Baptist Medical Center since 2008. He is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine since 1999 and maintains privileges at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. He has been an investigator in greater than 25 multiple sclerosis trials (Phases I to III) focused on new therapeutic options. He continues to publish peer-reviewed articles, present posters and lecture globally on multiple sclerosis.

What inspired you to join MSAA’s Board of Directors?

Schwartz: “I had been looking for a non-profit Board to join and give back to the community when, coincidentally, a current MSAA Board member contacted me and asked if I would consider joining the MSAA Board. I was blown away because just a week earlier my Dad’s twin sister had passed away from complications associated with progressive MS. She was never able to benefit from medications and relied heavily on help from others – a specialty of MSAA. One of my best friends from college also has MS. I felt that it was meant to be and that by taking on a Board position and giving it my full dedication I would be honoring my Aunt and accomplishing my ultimate goal of giving back to others through the MS community.”

Singer: “For over 15 years, I have collaborated with the MSAA on important patient educational programs nationally. My goals align with the MSAA’s deep commitment to trying to help people living with multiple sclerosis receive the resources they need to live as well as possible. For example, MSAA funds MRI scans for patients that could not afford the test which has often led to important medical decisions. Joining the Board allows me to make a positive difference on the lives of those living with MS.”

What are your goals as an MSAA Board Member?

Schwartz: “I want to contribute new ideas to the future strategic goals of MSAA. I hope to be an excellent representative for MSAA and to assist the organization in enhancing its impact across the world. It is also my goal to motivate other people and organizations to contribute to MSAA. These are my obligations to the clients served MSAA and to the amazing and dedicated staff of MSAA.”

Singer: “As a multiple sclerosis specialist on the Board, I provide a unique voice due to my insight into the desires and needs of those living with MS. I have been able to advocate for programs that will have greatest impact. In addition, I frequently provide recommendations on the MSAA’s position on rapidly changing healthcare news. As a board member, I’ve been involved with the MSAA’s national and international leadership on communication between patients and their healthcare providers. As a Board Executive Committee member and head of the Development Committee, my goal is also to develop the relationships that ultimately fund these critical resources for those living with MS.”

Editor’s Note: MSAA is extremely proud and honored to enlist the support of Ms. Schwartz, Dr. Singer, and all of our dedicated Board Members who volunteer their time, expertise, compassion, and leadership to help us achieve our mission of improving lives today for the entire MS community. We are very grateful for their service and look forward to their continued support as we strive to serve more people in more places than ever before. Thank you once again Jennifer and Barry!

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