Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

The annual holiday that celebrates the expression of love with tasty treats and heartfelt greetings actually has a bit of a mysterious origin. There are different notions and theories that describe this lover’s holiday that have been depicted throughout ancient times, though its actual history is still undefined. To learn more about some of the history associated with Valentine’s Day and its legends, see

No matter its origin or historical connotation, Valentine’s Day remains one of the most celebrated holidays in our history. It is the second largest card-sending holiday behind Christmas, with women purchasing the majority of the greetings sent. Candy hearts, chocolates and flowers are exchanged to signify the celebration and have been widely rsz_young_couple_smiling_at_each_otherrecognized as hallmarks of the holiday. But these gifts aren’t the only way to express your gratitude and love for another person. Spending quality time with people you love, whether it be family, friends, or a significant other, can show how much you appreciate someone.

Here are some tips on how to celebrate the upcoming holiday:

  • Invite a friend or family member to celebrate the day with you if you’re not romantically attached. The day is about spending time with those you care for; it doesn’t have to be exclusively for couples!
  • Why not stay in? You can make the day about spending time together just watching a movie or playing a game at home.
  • Think creatively and go homemade style for gifts! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank, why not make something to give the person you care for?
  • Use the day to express to others how much they mean to you. Tell someone you love them and that you appreciate them and what they bring to your life, not just on this holiday, but all year round!

However you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, think of its mystery and indefinite nature, as this provides opportunity for you to find your own niche in making the day special!

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Women of Today

As we celebrate the month of March as Women’s History Month, it’s hard not to think of the differences between the women of yesterday and today. Not to say that ideals or values weren’t the same, or that one group is more superior to the other, but of the advancement and overall change that has occurred in the world around us that differs so drastically from the past. As a woman of the past, can you imagine not being able to vote for the President? Or not wearing pants because it was assumed that all women should only wear dresses and skirts? It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in society in comparison to a whole other world of the past where women were seen in such a different light.

I think as society continues to shift and progress from years past, women will continue to have even stronger voices and values within all aspects of life. Could you imagine going from not being able to vote for President, to having the opportunity to potentially become the President? Astonishing…

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A Bit of History…

The month of February is known to be a truly significant time within our calendar year. It is not only famous for highlighting the celebration of love and romance, but more so for the celebrated significance of African American History. It is a time designated to reflect on the historical figures and moments that have impacted our world in truly significant ways. Celebrating cultural history can influence individuals to stop and reflect on a more diverse and complete national history. Observing significant historical figures and events that have occurred throughout the years can be an educational and treasured experience. It is important to know that celebrating and embracing our Nations diverse history is not something that needs to be highlighted just for one month, but instead throughout the year.

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