Embracing Change During the Holidays

Traditions, especially during the winter holidays, are a significant part of our culture. For many of us, traditions bring a sense of connection and comfort. They represent consistency and hold great meaning and purpose. But how do we keep a tradition alive when things are ever-changing?  

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A Bit of History…

The month of February is known to be a truly significant time within our calendar year. It is not only famous for highlighting the celebration of love and romance, but more so for the celebrated significance of African American History. It is a time designated to reflect on the historical figures and moments that have impacted our world in truly significant ways. Celebrating cultural history can influence individuals to stop and reflect on a more diverse and complete national history. Observing significant historical figures and events that have occurred throughout the years can be an educational and treasured experience. It is important to know that celebrating and embracing our Nations diverse history is not something that needs to be highlighted just for one month, but instead throughout the year.

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