Advice for Talking to Your Doctor

My MSAA Community - Strategies for Talking to Your DoctorRecently, we asked the members of our online community, My MSAA Community, what their strategies are for talking to their doctors.  Here is some of the advice and experiences the members shared:

“If there is something that I really want to express to my doctor I always keep a journal, but add to it printouts of my research. Last fall, I was Continue reading

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Remembering I’m the Boss for My Health Care Professional Team

By Stacie Prada

When I think of all the health care professionals I’ve seen in the last thirty years, it overwhelms me.  When I look at how I interact with them and how it’s changed with time, I think changes in my confidence level and perspective have contributed to much better interactions and level of care.

Thinking of the number of health care providers I’ve seen since reaching adulthood Continue reading

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Tips for a Successful Doctor’s Appointment

Tips for a successful doctor's appointmentGoing to the doctor’s office – whether to figure out a diagnosis, determine a treatment regimen, or for a routine check-up – can be rewarding or frustrating, depending on your experience.  Here are few tips to help you make the most of your next doctor’s appointment:  Continue reading

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