Keep the Piles Small and Reach Out in This Challenging Time

By Stacie Prada

It’s tough right now living through a pandemic. I assume I’ll live through it, but many will not. I appreciate hearing from people who are having a hard time, because I’m glad they’re expressing themselves. I think the silent ones are sometimes the ones to worry about most.

When I think of everything I need to figure out, solve and do, it’s overwhelming: work while adapting to a state of emergency, isolate physically, help others in need, maintain Continue reading

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Pink Sparkles with Unicorns – Finding Connection

By Lauren Kovacs

Well here we are forced to be hermits with this virus going around. While embracing our inner hermit is just part of some MSers lives already, it is different when your inner hermit is forced to be a hermit. Having a choice to be a hermit is now not our choice.

In light of this, connections and support are essential. Sanity is imperative. Online or phone connections are all the rage. Face-to-face is Continue reading

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