Reminiscing of Summers Past

As a kid summer always seemed like such a charmed time. Mostly because school ended and we were ‘free.’ For some the season brought trips, vacations and activities that weren’t done during the school year. For others just having time off and spending days with family and friends was treasured. Reminiscing of summers from my childhood has now become a favorite pastime of mine.

Growing up we weren’t fortunate to have lots of family vacations or trips. But we did our best to keep ourselves occupied in our day to day. We did have certain things to look forward to Continue reading

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Have a Happy 4th!

Independence Day marks a day of celebration across the country. Parades, beach parties, BBQ’s and firework finales observed with family and friends are just some of the July 4th celebration traditions. The day is surely one to celebrate as it represents patriotism and the celebration of the Declaration of Independence, the symbol of freedom for our Nation. So this July 4th be sure to celebrate safely and remember what the day represents!

Please note that the MSAA will be closed Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th in observance of the Independence Day holiday.

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