May 2015 Artist of the Month: Celebrating the Work of Artists Affected by Multiple Sclerosis

MSAA is very proud to present our 2015 Art Showcase – celebrating the work of artists affected by MS.

We have received many wonderful submissions from across the country and are delighted to share their work and their stories with you. Please visit our MS Art Showcase online gallery to view all of the new submissions.

May Artist of the Month:
Lisa Wright – Austin, TX

 Lisa Wright - Mum and Dad

About the Artist:
“MS can be a challenge. It saps your energy, dulls your wits and creativity. Sometimes it feels like an effort to pick up a brush or pencil. I was diagnosed in 2002 after a bout of optic neuritis that left me temporarily blind in one eye. It was enough to leave me wondering about what this meant for my future, and not just as an artist, but everything.

Fortunately, my MS had been discovered early. They put me on a therapy immediately and my flare-ups have been minimal. I am grateful to my doctors for their guidance, to my family and friends for their love and support, and to my husband – also my caregiver – for his patience. He keeps me focused if things become difficult.

And thanks to you, MSAA, for all the thorough information you provide. I’m part of the MS community, along with a lot of creative people just like me!”
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Be inspired – please send an online card featuring artwork by MS artist Lisa Wright and spread awareness of MS and MSAA.

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