Swim Cap Giveaway – Sign Up to Swim for MS

swim cap giveaway

Temperatures are rising across many parts of the country, and people with and without MS will soon be looking for a way to keep cool or have fun in the summer sun. Therefore, now may be the perfect opportunity to start learning more about MSAA’s Swim for MS initiative.

Swim for MS is a national fundraiser in which volunteers are encouraged to create their own swim challenge while recruiting online donations to support the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) and the MS community. Swim for MS is unique because MSAA does not plan the event – you do! Your fundraiser can be as unique as you want it to be.

Your own Swim for MS fundraiser can take many different forms. Many individuals participate in ongoing Swim for MS fundraisers as well as in one-day events. Some choose to swim outdoors, while others love the convenience of an indoor pool. In addition, many Swim for MS fundraisers involve teams filled with passionate swimmers who all have one goal in mind – improving lives for the MS community. You can see several examples of such fundraisers by visiting SwimForMS.org.

MSAA is also pleased to announce that we are giving away Swim for MS swim caps to every participant who registers for Swim for MS in May! Sign up within the next ten days to receive your official Swim for MS welcome kit, as well as our new Swim for MS swim cap! In addition to the swim cap in May, we have added one more surprise Swim for MS item to registration boxes this month. You’ll just have to register to find out what it is!

Besides the Swim for MS fundraising component, Swim for MS also features an online Aquatic Center, which contains resources for people living with MS who wish to learn more about how aquatic exercise can benefit them. For individuals who may have difficulty with traditional land-based activities, the unique properties of water combined with its cool temperature can create an inviting and sometimes ideal exercise environment for people with MS. Visit the online Aquatic Center to learn more.

Visit SwimForMS.org to learn more

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MSAA Presents at CMSC Conference on Aquatic Exercise and MS

By Peter Damiri, MSAA Senior Director of Programs

Each year MSAA exhibits an information booth at the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) annual conference. This year, in addition to staffing the booth in the exhibit hall, I had the distinct honor of representing MSAA as a faculty presenter during the conference.

As part of the full-day session on Current Topics and Trends in MS Rehabilitation, I had the privilege of sharing the stage with several prominent healthcare professionals as we presented on the topic of Aquatics and MS.

Lead by Dr. Yasser Salem, Linda Csiza, PT; Michele Harrison, PT; and Julie See, BS; this two-hour presentation was the culmination of six months of work to research, write and publish: Aquatic Exercise & Multiple Sclerosis: A Healthcare Professional’s Guide. This 48-page guideline serves as a comprehensive manual explaining the discipline of aquatics and MS, covering topics such as research studies, patient assessments, the unique properties of water, and sample exercise techniques. The program featured each author from the various sections of the book presenting on his or her findings and fielding a lively question and answer period.

The CMSC presentation and aquatics book is part of MSAA’s larger Swim for MS initiative. Supported by national sponsor Genzyme Corporation, Swim for MS is a national fundraiser in which volunteers are encouraged to create their own swim challenge while recruiting online donations. Funds raised support individuals with multiple sclerosis through the many programs and services offered by MSAA, including the increased awareness, understanding and availability of aquatic exercise for the MS community. In addition to the healthcare professional’s guide, MSAA will soon offer a series of patient education materials on this topic including brochures, sample aquatic exercise flip charts and online video segments. These items are still under development so please be patient as we will inform you as to their availability as soon as possible. For more information on aquatic exercise and MS, please visit the Overall Wellness section of MSAA’s new website: https://mymsaa.org/manage-your-ms/overall-wellness/#Exercise.


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Read MSAA’s latest issue of The Motivator

Cover for Summer-Fall 2012 issue of The MotivatorThe latest issue of MSAA’s magazine, The Motivator, is out now – read it online, download a version to your computer, or order a copy today.

Included in the online issue:

* Cover Story – The Evolution of MS Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care

* Research News – Aubagio® approval and other research updates

* Health and Wellness – The benefits of aquatic therapy and exercise

…Plus, extra “Ask the Doctor” answers, not included in the printed magazine!


The Evolution of MS Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care:

From the mid-1800s to the late 1900s, diagnostic criteria and therapies were fraught with uncertainty – and required more than a century of trial and error to reach today’s high level of success. Seventeen MS specialists are quoted, giving details about the most important contributions in MS history.

Read the full story

Research News:

Read about the recent FDA-approval of Aubagio® (teriflunomide), as well as updates on DMF (dimethyl fumarate) and Lemtrada™ (alemtuzumab), both submitted for FDA approval.

Read the full story

Health and Wellness:

Aquatic therapy and aquatic exercise are described, along with the benefits that they offer to individuals with MS.

Read the full story

The Motivator is MSAA’s award-winning magazine provided to the MS community and to our generous supporters.

Read the latest issue of The Motivator

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