Swim for MS News – September 2013

The September 2013 Winner is…
Congratulations, Nick Fedirko, for being the top Swim for MS fundraiser during the month of August!

Check out Nick’s Swim for MS page

Dive into action and Swim for MS!

Swim for MS - Multiple Sclerosis Association of AmericaSwim for MS is our national fundraiser in which volunteers are encouraged to create their own swim challenge while recruiting online donations to support the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA). Swim for MS is unique because MSAA does not plan the event – you do! As a Swim for MS volunteer, you have the opportunity to create and arrange your own special Swim activity. You can participate individually or recruit other swim enthusiasts to form a team.

You’ll find many fun and creative ways to dive into action and raise funds for MS. Popular Swim for MS activities fall into two main categories:

  • Go the Distance – individuals or teams set a challenge goal to swim a certain amount of laps, distance or time during one day or over a set period of time (i.e. swim 500 laps in 30 days to raise $1,000 for MSAA)
  • Make a Splash – participants turn fun pool activities into exciting fundraisers such as pool volleyball tournaments, cannonball jumping contests, and more! You can even dedicate your next birthday party as a Swim for MS Pool Party.

Be a part of Swim for MS – please register today!

Swim for MS swimsuits from HARDCORESWIM

Swim for MS Swimsuit Partnership
MSAA has partnered with HARDCORESWIM to provide exclusive Swim for MS swimsuits. Two different Swim for MS styles are available for men and women. Check out the Swim for MS page on their site and order your suit today!

Spread the Word
Once you start your Swim for MS, don’t forget to post pictures of your Swim on social media and tag MSAA!

Facebook: facebook.com/msassociation
Twitter: @MSassociation
Use hashtag #SwimForMS

In Other News
Please visit our Swim for MS News archive on SwimForMS.org for more information on our CaféPress site, as well as our Swim for MS partners, Pura Vida and HARDCORESWIM.

If you have any questions, please contact us at swim@mymsaa.org.

Thank you for your support, and happy swimming!

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA)

#SwimForMS – use this hashtag when talking about Swim for MS on Twitter!

Twitter icon Tweet about your Swim for MS!

Swim for MS is supported by our National Sponsor, Genzyme Corporation; our Distribution Sponsors including SwimOutlet.com and Fitter Faster Tour; and our Swim for MS partner, HARDCORESWIM.

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The London 2012 Olympic Games Begin Tonight!

Celebrate the Olympics with Swim for MS

MSAA’s Swim for MS Pool Party

This Friday, July 27, the Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies in London will usher in 17 days of competition among 204 countries.

Among the most exciting events to watch will be the swimming and diving events, especially with the strong team that the USA has put together. The first swimming event is scheduled to begin on Saturday, July 28.

As a great way to show your patriotism, cheer on the USA, and help support MSAA, we are encouraging volunteers to host a Swim for MS Pool Party during these next exciting two weeks of the Olympic Games.

Once signed up for your Pool Party, please be sure to take pictures and post them to MSAA’s FacebookTwitter  or YouTube  pages!

If you are looking for ideas to host an Olympic-themed Pool Party – check out MSAA’s new Pinterest Page.  You will find links to games, food, and other great tips for making your Swim for MS Pool Party a great success!

Please sign up today by visiting http://msaapoolparty.org. Go Team USA!

About Swim for MS Pool Party:

The Swim for MS Pool Party is part of MSAA’s popular Swim for MS program. It is a one-day event volunteers host in their own backyard or community pool.

To plan a Swim for MS Pool Party, volunteers first select a date, then select an activity – such as cannonballs, swimming laps or even a game of Marco Polo – and finally collect pledges from friends and family for the activity chosen.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Pick a Date,

Join the Party,

100 Days to Make A Difference!


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