Happy First Day of Summer!

While for many the “unofficial” start of summer is Memorial Day weekend, today is the summer solstice, which is the astrological start of the summer season. Typically this is the longest day of the year. This doesn’t mean our day has more than 24 hours in it – we just have more sunlight than any other day.

So what better way to enjoy all that sunlight than to jump into the pool for Swim for MS?!AWP_2012-MissyFranklin-7816

For those of you who do not know, Swim for MS is MSAA’s signature volunteer initiative which allows individuals to create their own swimming fundraising event while recruiting online donations to support MSAA’s mission of improving lives today.

How can you Swim for MS?IMG_5562

  • Host a summer pool party on the weekend!
  • Set a goal to swim 500 laps throughout the summer to raise $1,000!
  • Create a pool volleyball tournament with your friends!
  • Host a July 4th Pool Party
  • Participate in Swim for MS and pledge to swim 100 laps and improve your fitness by the end of summer!

For more information on how you can Swim for MS, please visit swimforms.org!

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World MS Day 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 is World MS Day.  To mark this occasion MSAA will be participating in a Twitter Chat with Healthline at 11 AM today. To join the chat please visit:http://www.healthline.com/health/27487.

To help raise awareness of what it is like living with multiple sclerosis the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation created a video of six inspiring young people from around the world have shared their mottos for identity, relationships and the future.

What’s your Motto? from World MS Day on Vimeo.

MSAA encourages to show your support for World MS Day and inspire the world by sharing a motto that gives you strength, even in the most challenging of times.


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Watch Our New Video on MS Relapses

A Closer Look at The Importance of Treating and Managing MS Relapses
featuring Stephen Krieger, MD

Managing the unpredictability of multiple sclerosis is always challenging, especially for individuals with relapsing forms of the disease. When new symptoms appear or existing symptoms become worse, successful management involves accurately defining the relapse and understanding the best method of treatment.

Recognizing the need for additional awareness on this topic, MSAA is proud to announce the completion of its latest educational on-demand video, titled: A Closer Look at The Importance of Treating and Managing MS Relapses.

Watch the latest on-demand MSi video, A Closer Look at The Importance of Treating and Managing MS Relapses, complete with chapter stops on mymsaa.org

Supported by an educational grant from Questcor Pharmaceuticals, this 40-minute video features neurologist and MS expert Dr. Stephen Krieger of Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. In this relaxed, conversational-style interview, Dr. Krieger provides:

  • valuable insights into understanding the signs and symptoms of an MS relapse
  • guidance on when to discuss the onset of a flare up with a neurologist
  • a thorough explanation of the various treatment options including steroids and other medications

The video is now available on the Multiple Sclerosis Information (MSi) section of MSAA’s website and also features a downloadable PDF transcript of the program.

To view this new program, A Closer Look at The Importance of Treating and Managing MS Relapses – with chapter stops during the video – please visit support.mymsaa.org/relapsevideo.

To view all of the informative on-demand videos and archived webinars from the MSi library, please visit mymsaa.org/videos.

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Multiple Sclerosis Association of America Teams Up With SwimOutlet.com To Promote Swim For MS

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) is pleased to announce its new partnership with SwimOutlet.com, the web’s most popular swim shop, to help promote the charity’s national fundraiser, Swim for MS. Serving as the distribution sponsor for Swim for MS, SwimOutlet.com will feature promotional information and ongoing updates on swim events through newsletter articles, targeted email campaigns, and posts on social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Supported by national sponsor Genzyme Corporation, Swim for MS is a unique fundraiser in which volunteers are encouraged to create their own swim challenge while recruiting online donations from supporters. Swim challenges can range from swimming laps for pledges to jumping cannonballs for cash. Swim for MS appeals to swim enthusiasts of all ages, social and community groups, students seeking volunteer service hours, and families enjoying their backyard pool. For more information and to register, visit SwimforMS.org.

“We’re incredibly pleased to support the MSAA by spreading the word of their Swim for MS initiative,” said Rob Penner, VP, Sports Marketing at SwimOutlet.com. “Together with the help of the aquatic community, they can continue to improve the lives of the MS community through their wide-range of services and programs.”

Adding additional awareness and excitement to the fundraiser, MSAA has enlisted the volunteer support of four-time Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin to serve as the Swim for MS Ambassador. Franklin is featured in a series of flyers, brochures and a new national television public service announcement, encouraging individuals to participate in this exciting fundraiser which supports vital programs and services for the multiple sclerosis community. Starting in March, MSAA will award the top fundraiser of the month with an autographed photo of Missy, providing the minimum amount raised is $500.

“Swim for MS provides an individual or group the opportunity to combine one’s love of swimming with giving back to the community,” states Franklin. “Start your Swim for MS campaign today and make a difference!”

About SwimOutlet.com
SwimOutlet.com is the largest online specialty store for aquatics in the United States. The online retail store grew out of a dedication to providing the best goods and services to anyone interested in aquatic activities and sports. SwimOutlet.com has the largest selection for swimming, water polo, fashion, beach and surf! In addition to having an extensive selection and the lowest prices, SwimOutlet.com offers phenomenal customer service and fast shipping. The company has won the hearts of over two million happy customers who’ve helped spread the word on where to find the best deals.  It has quickly developed into the web’s most popular swim shop! For more information, visit http://www.swimoutlet.com.

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Ramapo College Swim Team Dives Into Action for the MS Community

Please take a moment to view this video the Ramapo College of New Jersey Swim Team made for their Swim for MS event! If you are in the Mahwah, NJ area on Saturday, February 2 stop by the college to cheer on the team in their final home swim meet of the season at 2 pm!

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Have you seen it?

Back in the day, people would gossip at the water cooler about what happened on the previous evening’s must-see television shows. Nowadays people frequently watch YouTube videos…everything from zany cat antics to learning how to knit baby booties, and if you like what you see, you might forward the link to a friend instead of gossiping face-to-face.

Sometimes listening to a speaker or being able to watch a short clip can be helpful in breaking up information, allowing a person to process and understand what is being discussed. When learning about multiple sclerosis this can most certainly hold true. To help overcome this information overload, MSAA has developed a series of educational videos through our MSi (Multiple Sclerosis Information) program that you can watch on demand and at your own pace.  So, please check out our 36 MSi videos at https://www.mymsaa.org/programs/videos/.

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The London 2012 Olympic Games Begin Tonight!

Celebrate the Olympics with Swim for MS

MSAA’s Swim for MS Pool Party

This Friday, July 27, the Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies in London will usher in 17 days of competition among 204 countries.

Among the most exciting events to watch will be the swimming and diving events, especially with the strong team that the USA has put together. The first swimming event is scheduled to begin on Saturday, July 28.

As a great way to show your patriotism, cheer on the USA, and help support MSAA, we are encouraging volunteers to host a Swim for MS Pool Party during these next exciting two weeks of the Olympic Games.

Once signed up for your Pool Party, please be sure to take pictures and post them to MSAA’s FacebookTwitter  or YouTube  pages!

If you are looking for ideas to host an Olympic-themed Pool Party – check out MSAA’s new Pinterest Page.  You will find links to games, food, and other great tips for making your Swim for MS Pool Party a great success!

Please sign up today by visiting http://msaapoolparty.org. Go Team USA!

About Swim for MS Pool Party:

The Swim for MS Pool Party is part of MSAA’s popular Swim for MS program. It is a one-day event volunteers host in their own backyard or community pool.

To plan a Swim for MS Pool Party, volunteers first select a date, then select an activity – such as cannonballs, swimming laps or even a game of Marco Polo – and finally collect pledges from friends and family for the activity chosen.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Pick a Date,

Join the Party,

100 Days to Make A Difference!


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